About Emily

I'm Emily, a forty-something Texas gal working on finding healthy balance and getting to my body's healthy weight. My weight has fluctuated over the years.  I have successfully lost weight and kept it off for years at a time, but it always manages to creep back on.  My plan now is to abandon the idea that a diet is a temporary way of eating to lose weight and adopt the much more logical idea that it is a way of living.

Summer 2006  |  Summer 2008  |  May 2013

I am no longer going to tell myself that certain foods are off limits.  I am going to develop a healthy relationship with food and listen to my body and what it is telling me it needs.

I am not counting my calories religiously or getting on my scale regularly.  I am keeping a food journal and recording my thoughts/struggles/triumphs here.   It will be an honest journey; it will be a long journey, no fast fixes or crash diets here.  I hope you will join me for the ride.

My creative side loves to decorate, re-purpose things, make jewelry, and help homeless animals get adopted.  I chronicle all those adventures on my blog Ema's Grand Ideas so feel free to visit me there as well.

I'm so happy you are here!  Feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love hearing from you and I will always respond!

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  1. Quick question


    I’m a huge fan of your site and the work you do, so wanted to reach out and connect.

    My business, the “10 Day Health Challenge” (www.10dayhealthchallenge.com) also believes in spreading a whole foods lifestyle and fostering healthy eating. My quarterly Challenge is a web-based program designed to guide participants in clean and mindful eating for ten days.

    I’d love to gift you our FREE 3 Day Spring Challenge so you can see what we’re all about.

    You can download it here - www.10dayhealthchallenge.com/3dayspring

    Here’s to a happy and healthy spring!


    ~ Haley Whitley