Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Happy Wednesday!  I am so happy the week is halfway over that I could just hug you.  I'm in kind of a weird holding pattern here for the next week and a half and it's kind of throwing me for a loop.  I feel rushed, like I have very little time to do everything I need to do and at the same time I am wishing time would pass more quickly so I can move on to whatever is next.  It is a really weird feeling.  Deep breath.

The place I am in right now is getting ready for my mom to come stay with us.  There is a lot I need to get done around the house to be ready for her.  The last time she was in town was last year before Christmas, so it has been many months since she has been in Houston.

In that time we have found out she has some pretty serious health problems.  She was in the hospital in Mississippi for about a month.  There was one mad dash to Mississippi in the middle of the night for us when she was in ICU that was very scary.  When she comes to Houston this time, she will have some new health "gear" with her, including a night time breathing machine for sleep apnea.  It will be different from the last time she was here.

While she is here there will be many doctor's visits and the creation of plans for treatment for her heart issues and then there will be putting those plans into motion.  We have no idea how long she will be with us and I feel a little in limbo; much like we all do when we are dealing with unknowns.

I am working to make peace with all the diagnosis and find comfort in knowing I can handle what's ahead for us.  I have a great partner in this life and we will handle everything together and we will come out stronger.  I have faith in that.