Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm That Girl

I have had a lot going on in my life.  Lots of things.  Some good, some sad, some very stressful.  The types of things that would make you (me, some people) want to celebrate or comfort with food.

The big thing that I have noticed lately is that if I have a comfort snack, I know it is a comfort snack.  I recognize it for what it is and I enjoy whatever that chosen snack might be.  The bigger is just a snack.  It isn't an eat the pantry situation; it is a small indulgence during which I am present in the moment enjoying the taste, texture, and smell of the small familiar comfort.  This is completely new, unfamiliar, peaceful, exciting territory for me.

I was reflecting today that the husband and I went to the grocery store last week.  I had something sweet on my list and I headed down the frozen treat aisle.  I picked out and bought two pints of ice cream, technically one of ice cream and one of gelato, if you are into the technical.  Anyway, you know the pints...the ones that I would usually take from the freezer, skip the bowl, grab a spoon and plop on the sofa with.  The pint that would never go back in the freezer since there is no reason to freeze an empty container.  Last night, about 6 days since said store trip, I opened my freezer to put some ice in my water.  Guess, what?  There is a partially eaten pint of ice cream in my freezer that I had forgotten about.  Me.  I forgot there was ice cream in my freezer.  I am the girl who has a pint of ice cream in her freezer.  Me.

I used to always wonder about ice cream pints when I would see them in a friend's freezer.  I would think, huh...weird.  She has a pint of ice cream in there.  Why hasn't she eaten that?  All of it.  In one sitting?   Now I am the girl with partially eaten pints in her freezer.  Me.

I am also the girl that doesn't stress when a coworker suggests a lunch out of the office.  The one who doesn't obsess about snacks at a party.  The one who doesn't feel secret anxiety about a happy hour.  The one who didn't think it was weird last night to go to bed without dinner because I had had a late lunch and was not hungry.  Me.  I'm that girl.