Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I have been doing lots of journaling with actual pen and paper in my bird composition book.

Guess what I exclaimed yesterday, as loudly as you can exclaim in ball point pen.  I was an intuitive eater today.  I was.  I thought about everything, whether I was hungry, whether I was thirsty, whether I was enjoying what I was eating.  I did it.  I stopped eating when I was satisfied.  I didn't over eat.  I left food on my plate.

One thing I have learned so far on this journey is that I have to feel my feelings.  It is important to feel them, good or bad, to find peace with them.  If I find peace with my feelings I don't need to hide them with food.  I've cried a lot lately, but I have also felt happiness.  I am finding peace.

One of my new favorite quotes.

Here are some great reads:



  1. thanks for posting the '18 things women shouldn't have to justify'.....

    1. No problem!! I thought they were both great reads.

  2. Go Emily and intuitive eating! I also really enjoyed the "18 Things..." post. And I too have the bird journal, except mine is for work. :(