Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Confessions

I think I am on my way to becoming an intuitive eater and I am rather excited about it.  My clothes are not getting baggier at this point, but I have to say I feel great, empowered, and happy.

My daisy still blooming in September also makes me happy.

I was reflecting on Sunday to Daniel about how my weekend eating is completely different now that I am not restricting different foods.  Whenever I would "get off track" (which happened A LOT on weekends) before it would trigger binging.  I would eat three high calorie food meals in a day and have snacks.  This weekend we grilled fajitas for lunch on Sunday.  I ate one and a half fajitas with a little rice and beans.  I stopped eating when I was full.  I wasn't hungry at dinner (it was a late lunch) so I didn't eat again that evening.  Complete change.  I love it.

I am logging my food, moods, and exercise in my handy dandy journal so I can see how my habits shift and how my appetite changes.

I am of course loving the journal since it gives me the opportunity to use lots of different colored pens.

I confess I am easily excited by bright colored pens.

In other news from life I have begun to decorate the house for fall.

And we brought home a foster pup over the weekend!  This is Wags!

She is a pretty sweet snuggle machine.  If you know anyone in the Houston area looking for a sweetie, she's a great one!

Snuggle Machine

I am learning about dog training and in the interest of not showing favorites and being fair, here is a picture of our pup Sammy.

And our cat Trixie.


I hope you are enjoying balance in your life as well.

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  1. Ema! It was so nice to meet you at Blog Elevated. I'm finally getting around to going to everyone's blogs and following. I have to admit I am also way better at journaling when i can use pretty colorful pens! It's so much fun. Also I love that you foster animals! I had a foster dog for two weeks a couple months ago, I wanted to keep her but we live in a one bedroom apartment. It was a great experience though!