Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Confessions

I think I am on my way to becoming an intuitive eater and I am rather excited about it.  My clothes are not getting baggier at this point, but I have to say I feel great, empowered, and happy.

My daisy still blooming in September also makes me happy.

I was reflecting on Sunday to Daniel about how my weekend eating is completely different now that I am not restricting different foods.  Whenever I would "get off track" (which happened A LOT on weekends) before it would trigger binging.  I would eat three high calorie food meals in a day and have snacks.  This weekend we grilled fajitas for lunch on Sunday.  I ate one and a half fajitas with a little rice and beans.  I stopped eating when I was full.  I wasn't hungry at dinner (it was a late lunch) so I didn't eat again that evening.  Complete change.  I love it.

I am logging my food, moods, and exercise in my handy dandy journal so I can see how my habits shift and how my appetite changes.

I am of course loving the journal since it gives me the opportunity to use lots of different colored pens.

I confess I am easily excited by bright colored pens.

In other news from life I have begun to decorate the house for fall.

And we brought home a foster pup over the weekend!  This is Wags!

She is a pretty sweet snuggle machine.  If you know anyone in the Houston area looking for a sweetie, she's a great one!

Snuggle Machine

I am learning about dog training and in the interest of not showing favorites and being fair, here is a picture of our pup Sammy.

And our cat Trixie.


I hope you are enjoying balance in your life as well.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trusting Myself

I am continuing to read Intuitive Eating.  I wish I could report that I had finished the book, but the truth is that I am only at the halfway point.  I feel like I am learning a lot and that I am in phase two described in the book.

In a nutshell I am learning how to eat.  It is kind of cool to feel like I am developing a healthy relationship with food.  I find myself eating a lot slower and really enjoying it.  Even if I am eating at my desk in the office, I take a short break.  I close my door and I enjoy what I am eating.  It is no longer mindless and it is no longer eating because it is time.  I am eating because I am hungry.

It is liberating and at the same time petrifying!  I have spent the majority of my life counting things, calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs; it is weird not to count anymore.  I took the food scale off my counter and put it in the cabinet.  I have disowned my bathroom scale.  It feels so free to not get on the scale every week, but at the same time I am scared to death!  I wonder if I will achieve a healthy weight by just trusting myself.  I can tell you that I set myself free of dieting (it was fairly exciting to delete my Weight Watchers online account) about a month ago.  My clothes have not gotten any tighter (I was very afraid they might); in fact in this month I have put on a pair of pants that I had been avoiding in my closet because I was sure they didn't/wouldn't fit.  Guess what?  They do.  I have gotten several compliments that I looked good; and questions if I had lost weight.  I have no idea.  I hope so.  Crazy, right?

I can tell you that I still cook the same kind of food I did before.  Delicious healthy balanced food.  I am no longer afraid to go out to dinner, to a happy hour, or have lunch with friends.  Just last weekend I was at a Labor Day pool party.  There was food everywhere.  Do you know what?  Without even thinking about it I made a plate when I was hungry, I ate it and when I finished I was done.  I was in the pool that afternoon and it hit me.  I was in the pool!  I was not grazing, I was not feeling tempted by the food, I was not obsessed thinking about the food.  I was free.  I was not thinking about trying the cookies or having another serving of queso.  You know why?  When I made my plate I had a small serving of queso on some chips on the side of my plate.  When I was finished with lunch I had one small peanut butter cookie.  It was all delicious and I was satisfied.  I didn't tell myself I couldn't have those things and I had to have x, y, or z instead.  And because of that I wasn't grazing, I wasn't obsessed with what I had forbidden myself.  I was just satisfied.  Later that day, you know what I had when I was hungry again?  A big salad.  That's what I wanted.

The next stage is Crystallization.  I might be getting there.  I do recommend this book.  I won't say that I am discounting other ideas I have learned about whole grains (like brown rice being better for me than white); it is nice to incorporate those kinds of ideas into my free choices.  In this midst of all this freedom I have also chosen to cut sodas out of my diet.  I drink them VERY rarely now.  I had one last week and I didn't finish it.  I am re-learning what tastes good to me.  Apparently soda is not one of those things.  Good for me.

I am spending time appreciating myself and my body for what it is right now.  I have been treating myself to a few new things like clothes and makeup.  I discovered a clothing company called Soft Surroundings.  I love the new tops I ordered from them.

And I am loving the Essie nail polish collection I am creating.  Who knew I really did like color on my finger nails.  Usually I go color only on my toe nails.

Good bye boundaries!  LOL.

I hope you have a happy healthy day!