Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Confessions

Outside of a little too much Mexican food (yum) yesterday, I did pretty well with my food choices this weekend.  I also did a lot of research on food choices and found a couple of interesting documentaries on Netflix.

The first was Hungry for Change.


I really liked this one video.  It talks about how diets do not work (something I believe now) and how our food choices should be whole foods (less processed, less crazy chemical ingredients).

One of the things that they focus on which I appreciated was that in order to make positive changes you have to love yourself and your body as it is now.  They encourage you to look in the mirror and say "I accept myself unconditionally right now." to yourself multiple times a day.  We could all use a little more acceptance of ourselves.  I feel we can be way too hard on ourselves all the time.

One of the experts they talk to in this video recommends three questions you should always consider when eating.
  1. Where does my food come from?
  2. What ingredients go into my food?
  3. What is my intention consuming this food?
I liked this thought process.  I think we are in such a rush these days that we almost never consider these things.

My favorite quote from this video was, "People are over fed, but they are also starving to death."  This quote speaks to the lack of nutrients in a lot of our foods.  We are over the top on calories that come from foods that mean nothing to the health of our bodies.  Makes you think, doesn't it?

The second video I watched was Food Matters.


After googling for images for this post I found out that both of these documentaries are made by the same people.  I still thought the content and information was good.

Food Matters really drove home the old point you are what you eat.  It talked about a doctor that lived from 1901 - 1994, Dr. Linus Paulding who proclaimed, "Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow."  Interesting.

This documentary talks about how nutrition can really help fight and prevent disease.  They also discuss how many doctors who prescribe medicine may not prescribe nutrition along with it.  My doctor is awesome and she does make nutritional recommendations as well.  I guess I had not considered the alternative in a while.

One thing that I really stopped to consider from this video was this quote, "Cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle disease."  Thought provoking.

These are both interesting videos to watch if you have time, check them out.  For me, both reinforced changes I am already trying to make toward a vegetable packed more whole foods way of eating.

Speaking of vegetables, anyone recognize this one?

I'll give you a is a type of squash.  It will star in a new recipe on the blog soon!

Have a happy healthy week!

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  1. I will have to watch the videos. They sound interesting. I do believe that most of the food in stores that isn't produce is heavily laden with too many chemicals and such. I eat pretty low-carb which means veggies and meats. When I do incorporate processed carbs I find myself feeling gross the next day. I'm sure it's due to all the added preservatives chemicals and such.

  2. Thanks for info on the videos. They sound right up my alley! Since early Feb., I'm eating as little processed foods as possible. It's made a huge difference!

  3. I love all the food docs on Netflix! I watched a few a couple weeks ago and it really helped me focus on food as fuel and to care for my body! I am working on cuttin out processed food!

    1. Me too! I am about to start another one called Forks Over Knives.