Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inner Beauty and Body Image

I have always loved Dustin Hoffman. I might love him even more after stumbling on this interview excerpt.  Thank you to my Facebook friend that posted it.

In the clip below he talks about his role in Tootsie and how he wanted to be a beautiful woman.  His reaction to how he looked as a woman and the insight it gave him about judging people on external beauty is very interesting.

I think there is a level of "brainwashing" that has happened in our culture.  As a younger person I would look at magazines and see very thin models and want to look like that, feel that I should look like that.  As it turns out being too thin can be as unhealthy as being over weight.

I love the "strong is the new skinny" movement we have going on now.  We come in all shapes and sizes.  We need to see healthy as beautiful and focus less on size.  I hope we can break the mold and that girls and boys can see beauty differently as they grow into healthy women and men.

I am guilty of focusing on the external with myself all the time.  I concentrate on the size I am or the number on the scale; and I wish I were this or I wish I were that.  I let it get me down sometimes; even to the extent of feeling as if I don't deserve love or attraction because I look a certain way.  That's ridiculous.  I'm awesome; so are you.

My focus should be my health.  I am working to get healthier.  I'm pretty now; I'll be pretty when I am healthier too.  I hope our kids and our kids' kids get to grow up with a more positive body image and less insecurities.

 To our health!


  1. So true! At my thinnest I was 138lb of pretty solid muscle. I had lost 80lbs and people that knew me overweight thought that I looked great. There were even some that thought I was too thin. Then there were others that thought that I could stand to lose more. We will never please anybody and when we think we should be a certain xyz size or weight and put pressure on ourselves to be those things then we will never please ourselves. This time around on my weight loss journey I had to learn how to love myself, my current self. Not love the me I will be but the me I am now. Because if I can't love me now then losing weight really won't change that.

    1. That is the biggest challenge. I think we can do it!

  2. I saw this a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing with all your readers!

    1. It really spoke to me too. I had to share! I think every woman should see it.