Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have been loving workout skirts lately.  I love to walk, jog, and bike in them.  I ordered a few from zappos.com.  Do you use Zappos?  I love them.  If you don't order from them you should, just saying. 

Anyway, I found some skirts by Skirt Sports on Zappos (I ordered from Zappos instead of directly from Skirt Sports because of free shipping...Zappos always has free shipping no matter how much you spend).


Cute, right?  I love them.  I got them in pink, white, and black.  The undershorts don't ride up and they are super cozy.

I got an email from Zappos asking me to review the skirts, so I did.  This was in my thank you:

I especially like number 2 in their list.  Thanks Zappos, maybe I will consider a blog.  Good idea. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Confessions

Outside of a little too much Mexican food (yum) yesterday, I did pretty well with my food choices this weekend.  I also did a lot of research on food choices and found a couple of interesting documentaries on Netflix.

The first was Hungry for Change.


I really liked this one video.  It talks about how diets do not work (something I believe now) and how our food choices should be whole foods (less processed, less crazy chemical ingredients).

One of the things that they focus on which I appreciated was that in order to make positive changes you have to love yourself and your body as it is now.  They encourage you to look in the mirror and say "I accept myself unconditionally right now." to yourself multiple times a day.  We could all use a little more acceptance of ourselves.  I feel we can be way too hard on ourselves all the time.

One of the experts they talk to in this video recommends three questions you should always consider when eating.
  1. Where does my food come from?
  2. What ingredients go into my food?
  3. What is my intention consuming this food?
I liked this thought process.  I think we are in such a rush these days that we almost never consider these things.

My favorite quote from this video was, "People are over fed, but they are also starving to death."  This quote speaks to the lack of nutrients in a lot of our foods.  We are over the top on calories that come from foods that mean nothing to the health of our bodies.  Makes you think, doesn't it?

The second video I watched was Food Matters.


After googling for images for this post I found out that both of these documentaries are made by the same people.  I still thought the content and information was good.

Food Matters really drove home the old point you are what you eat.  It talked about a doctor that lived from 1901 - 1994, Dr. Linus Paulding who proclaimed, "Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow."  Interesting.

This documentary talks about how nutrition can really help fight and prevent disease.  They also discuss how many doctors who prescribe medicine may not prescribe nutrition along with it.  My doctor is awesome and she does make nutritional recommendations as well.  I guess I had not considered the alternative in a while.

One thing that I really stopped to consider from this video was this quote, "Cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle disease."  Thought provoking.

These are both interesting videos to watch if you have time, check them out.  For me, both reinforced changes I am already trying to make toward a vegetable packed more whole foods way of eating.

Speaking of vegetables, anyone recognize this one?

I'll give you a hint...it is a type of squash.  It will star in a new recipe on the blog soon!

Have a happy healthy week!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekend Confessions

I confess I had a fantastic weekend!  It was our fifth anniversary and we spent the weekend in Austin, poolside.

We found a little vacation house that had a pool.  It was so nice to have the whole weekend to just relax and be together.  We did a lot of talking and a lot of soul searching and I came back more motivated than before to get healthy.  So excited.

This week has been off to a fantastic start.  I got my meals planned.

That is a colorful view of our dinners this week, but I planned breakfast, lunch, and snacks as well. I figured with extra planning I can cut down on last minute decisions which can sometimes mean higher calories.

I even noted what exercises I planned for the day.  Yesterday I got back to morning yoga.  I have so missed my yoga; my lower back pain and yoga are BFFs, seriously yoga makes it all better.  Anyway, most weekdays I like to split my workout into two sessions so that I can try and get at least an hour in each day; I will do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening or on my lunch hour.  Sometimes it is hard to get the full hour in in the morning or evening, so splitting it helps with my time juggling.

Confession  - (this is weekend confessions after all) sometimes when I am short on time in the evening and I need to get in some calorie burn I will do aerobics around my house as dinner cooks.  Literally around the house...I will jog/walk through all the front rooms and stop and do squats, arm exercises, you name it.  Each time I pass through the kitchen I check on what needs to be checked on for dinner.  I look ridiculous, it makes Daniel laugh, the cat thinks I am crazy, and the dog gets excited and follows along.  It isn't pretty, but it is movement.  Movement in the right direction.

This morning was weigh in.  It did not make me happy, but I am doing my best to not let it get me down.  The scale told me this morning I gained 6 lbs.  I know I didn't have the best week, but it certainly wasn't a 6 lb gain week.  I know I am a woman and I know our weights fluctuate through the month with water weight and all that wonderful womanly stuff, but still.  Ugh!  How rude of that scale!  I am going to focus on how my clothes feel.  They fit great, some are starting to get loose and I wore a top last week that used to be a little snug.  Take that scale!  See if I care what you say!

Have a great day!!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inner Beauty and Body Image

I have always loved Dustin Hoffman. I might love him even more after stumbling on this interview excerpt.  Thank you to my Facebook friend that posted it.

In the clip below he talks about his role in Tootsie and how he wanted to be a beautiful woman.  His reaction to how he looked as a woman and the insight it gave him about judging people on external beauty is very interesting.

I think there is a level of "brainwashing" that has happened in our culture.  As a younger person I would look at magazines and see very thin models and want to look like that, feel that I should look like that.  As it turns out being too thin can be as unhealthy as being over weight.

I love the "strong is the new skinny" movement we have going on now.  We come in all shapes and sizes.  We need to see healthy as beautiful and focus less on size.  I hope we can break the mold and that girls and boys can see beauty differently as they grow into healthy women and men.

I am guilty of focusing on the external with myself all the time.  I concentrate on the size I am or the number on the scale; and I wish I were this or I wish I were that.  I let it get me down sometimes; even to the extent of feeling as if I don't deserve love or attraction because I look a certain way.  That's ridiculous.  I'm awesome; so are you.

My focus should be my health.  I am working to get healthier.  I'm pretty now; I'll be pretty when I am healthier too.  I hope our kids and our kids' kids get to grow up with a more positive body image and less insecurities.

 To our health!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Confessions

Have you heard of Penzey's Spices?  If you haven't, check them out; you are welcome. 

I used their Northwoods Seasoning on veggie skewers for our 4th of July grilling.

Delicious!!! I tossed my cut veggies with olive oil and a liberal sprinkling of this seasoning, then threaded them on metal skewers and grilled.  Fantastic!  We also had some beef ribs and light homemade potato salad.  What did you grill for the holiday?

As far as the rest of the weekend goes I did fairly well on food choices, but did indulge in a shrimp po-boy from BB's Cafe on Friday.  It was yummy.  I wish I could report that I was a rock star gym rat over the weekend, but I would be lying.  I did work a jigsaw puzzle, but I am pretty sure that has a significant less amount of calorie burn.  I do much better during the week.

Tonight on the menu is whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and a big salad.  This will be served after a nice long bike ride.  Let's go Monday!


How was your weekend?

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July

What I Ate Wednesday

So for my second attempt at WIAW, I completely forgot to take pictures of the majority of my food for the day.  It is probably just as well as it was kind of a boring re-do of a lot of what I had up last week.  Breakfast was egg whites and crispy turkey bacon.

I followed breakfast with a fruity morning snack shake (blueberry and banana) and for lunch I had my light egg salad with Triscuits and sliced cucumber.

We had family over for dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday: steak, salad and roasted potatoes.  It was delicious and it was followed by birthday cake.

Not just any birthday cake...uh-mazing yellow birthday cake with chocolate ganache that also looked like a can of beer.  Win. Win. Win.

Pretty awesome, right?  We all took pictures of this food.  If you are in Houston and need a very cool cake, Kakes by Klassic is pretty darn awesome.  If you are wondering about the beer, it is Suzy B Dirty Blonde Ale from a brand new brewery in Hattiesburg, MS that my brother-in-law happens to think is pretty darn good (and might somehow know all the people at the brewery).  The brother-in-law owns a restaurant/bar over in Hattiesburg.  If you are a Hattiesburg local, check out the Keg and Barrel.

We have a holiday weekend upon us, today is my Friday and I am super excited about the break.  We have had a lot going on and I am ready for absolutely no plans.  Daniel and I are talking about riding our bikes over to watch the fireworks display at Miller Outdoor Theater.  Calorie burn mixed with the celebration of independence.  Those are the kind of holidays I like!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Confessions

The weekend was not pretty.  There was stress, hormones, too many calories, and not enough movement.  Bummer.

In true Emily fashion the issues have carried over to my Monday.  I had a healthy breakfast and then a not so healthy lunch.  Why does that happen?  Why do my old habits of throwing up my hands and not caring so easily jump to the surface?  It is so frustrating.

What should I do?  Focus on the positive.  I stopped eating my lunch today when I was full.  I didn't eat everything that I got to eat.  On a day like today, I will call that a win. 

Also, I am blogging about it.  Telling you about my issues and my plan to move on.  Honesty with myself and with you all is an important motivator for me.  Thank you for keeping me motivated!  Tonight I will eat a light dinner when I feel hungry and I will ride my bike like the wind or take a walk with one of my biggest cheerleaders.

She's always a willing walking buddy.

How was your weekend?

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