Thursday, June 13, 2013


Even though my first post was yesterday I have been working on the planning for this blog and my new healthy goals for a little while now.  Today I thought I would talk about the progress I have already made.

Weight Watchers online

So far I have dropped 7.1 pounds.  Yay.  I feel good about that and I also feel good about the fact that my clothes are fitting better.  I look forward to progress on that front.  In addition to weight loss we are also planning on tracking body fat percentage.  Daniel bought a caliper that we will begin to use along the way.  I know a healthy transformation isn't only about pounds lost so I need other positive reinforcement to keep me well motivated.  I will celebrate pound loss, body fat percentage shrinking and feeling my clothes get baggier.  I will also celebrate muscle definition!

Daniel and I are incorporating more exercise into our weekdays.  We have been hitting the neighborhood for walks each evening.  So far this week we are three for three.

I downloaded Map My Walk on my phone to track time and distance.  Are there other applications that are better?  I am still getting used to this one, but I am also open to trying new applications.  I do not like how Map My Walk continuously asks me to enable blue tooth.

On a side note, do you ever feel like you are being stalked by internet ads?  This one for direct TV popped up on Map My Walk yesterday and I just ordered TV service yesterday.

Weird.  And a little bit creepy.  Just me then?  Okay.

I have also started flipping through this book:

And I am on the hunt for good yoga DVDs.  Any suggestions?  I usually make it to one yoga class a week, but I'd like to do more and I am thinking for me right now that means a DVD.

I hope you are having a good week.  It's almost Friday!

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